Enter a new market


  • Industry and market information
  • Collect data base
  • Find out about conferences, exhibitions and fairs according to clients needs



  • Calls, emails, developing quotations and proposals to potential clients.
  • Visits, meetings with potential clients. 
  • Samples shipments' arrangement. 


  • Translation of company's content to the local language.
  • Prepare presentations and sales displays.
  • Create corporate presentations' in local language.
  • Social media management. 


  • Work place, phone number, address.
  • Local presence.
  • Office supplies and services.

Purchase Management

Supplier Sourcing

  • Prices, delivery time, MOQ.
  • Products specifications.
  • Supplier profile, quality certifications

Supply Project

  • Communication, negotiation with supplier.
  • Orders management.
  • Coordination for quality control & logistics.

Supplier Management

  • Purchases standardization.
  • Problems solver.
  • Administrative process. 

Risk management

Quality Control

  • Inspections in the different phases of the project.
  • Loading supervision.


  • Legal existence verification.
  • Documentary audit.
  • Factory audit.


  • Forecast models.
  • New entry markets model.
  • Analyze law and regulations.