Will account for 53% of the world's population and half GDP by 2030. Xpand Latam will assist you to reach this region step by

Hong Kong

Is consider as the number one business city in Asia. Its location makes a perfect base for companies from all over the world which are willing to do business in Asia and across this booming region. It is consider as the gateway to enter the well desired Chinese market.

- Government Support for companies. 
- Strategically located for business in Asia. 
- Straightforward and simple tax regime. 
- International, transparent and efficient
- World class business infrastructure


Taiwan is ideally positioned to help you take advantages of the Asian growing market. 

Taipei, its capital has a vibrant capital market, is provides industrial incentives, subsidiaries and tax breaks available to investors. It provides great facilities to foreign investors concentrated under one roof, the investment process convenient and easy to navigate. 

- Convenient business services
- Creating market opportunities
- Talent cultivation & development
- Innovation and Investment services
- Business Incentives and Subsidies  


Despite the worldwide difficult economic situation, the Chinese market has continue to growth. With its increasing middle class and purchasing power in recent years, the country, have started a transition from an export depended country to a one more based on consumption. Given its 1.3 population and been the second biggest economy just after the USA, the Chinese market is indeed very appealing as a potential market. The first thing to have in mind for a foreign company willing to enter the market is that both, diversity and differences in demographics are huge.