Will account for 53% of the world's population and half GDP by 2030. Xpand Latam will assist you to reach this region step by

Hong Kong

Is consider as the number one business city in Asia. Its location makes a perfect base for companies from all over the world which are willing to do business in Asia and across this booming region. It is consider as the gateway to enter the well desired Chinese market.

- Government Support for companies. 
- Strategically located for business in Asia. 
- Straightforward and simple tax regime. 
- International, transparent and efficient
- World class business infrastructure


Taiwan is ideally positioned to help you take advantages of the Asian growing market. 

Taipei, its capital has a vibrant capital market, is provides industrial incentives, subsidiaries and tax breaks available to investors. It provides great facilities to foreign investors concentrated under one roof, the investment process convenient and easy to navigate. 

- Convenient business services
- Creating market opportunities
- Talent cultivation & development
- Innovation and Investment services
- Business Incentives and Subsidies  


Despite the worldwide difficult economic situation, the Chinese market has continue to growth. With its increasing middle class and purchasing power in recent years, the country, have started a transition from an export depended country to a one more based on consumption. Given its 1.3 population and been the second biggest economy just after the USA, the Chinese market is indeed very appealing as a potential market. The first thing to have in mind for a foreign company willing to enter the market is that both, diversity and differences in demographics are huge. 

Latin America


With a combined population of more than 630 million and a GPD of 5.3 trillion USD, the region is very attractive in market size and the opportunities it has for growth. Xpand Latam will assist you to reach this region step by step. 

  • Based on the Latin-American Outlook (OECD 2017), it is clear that the region is young; thus, it has a very unique demographic opportunity.

  • One-quarter of the Latin-American population or 160 million people are aged between 15 and 29.

  • From the year 2000 to 2017 according to Internet world stats, Latin-American regions shows more than 2000% growth in internet penetration, having by the year 2017 an Internet penetration rate of 59.6%


Tip to enter the Asian Market

  1. Keep the marketing basics – The 4 Ps (Product, price, place and promotion) are as important as in any other market. Xpand Latam recomend to do the research before and after entering the target market so that the your value proposition meets and continues to meet the target market’s needs.
  2. Patience – is essential when applying the 4 Ps to the target market. The sales process takes normally longer and is more complex than in local markets.  Asian buyers will take time to be convinced that a foreign company has the ‘local’ credentials to meet their needs.
  3. Listen – This is the only way to be able to understand and therefore meet the local market needs. Chinese companies do not want to buy a product or service that has come tailored made for their market.
  4. Relationships – Pay attention, but do not spend all your time, on relationships. Any salesperson must be prepared to be ‘friends’ with a potential partner. However, this comes in combination and does not replace the 4 Ps of the marketing mix.
  5. Be confident in your quality – Foreign companies have an initial advantage from a strong position, in that they overall are assumed to have great quality. Focus on the value you add, and be prepared to explain why you can add value in Asia, specifically.
  6. Be methodical, have a plan – Something that Asians have in mind as a quality from foreigners is that they have a well stablished process approach to do business.  It is clear though that when you cannot step out of your plan and you claim to have the only path to success, Chinese companies quickly lose interest in your offering. However, do not be afraid to highlight the methodical nature of your offering, as this is something that is valued by Chinese businesspeople and seen to be lacking in some Chinese businesses.
  7. Be flexible – as mentioned earlier, flexibility in matter like product, service, payment terms and prices is crucial for success in the China market. Xpand Latam recommend that companies willing to enter the Chinese market, should put a big effort to identify and meet Chinese customers’ real needs instead of assume that what customers want is the same as their local markets.
  8. Be prepared for plenty of negotiation – Any potential company should be prepared for plenty of negotiation when selling to Chinese businesses. It is almost inconceivable that first proposals will be accepted. Keep in mind the fact that buyers may be deliberately benchmarking suppliers, and always try to reserve sufficient margin for further price reductions at a later stage.
  9. Do not exaggerate – Focusing on the credentials you have, rather than exaggerating to make up for perceived deficiencies. Above all, Chinese companies want to trust their partners.