Xpand Latam Group is a HongKong based professional services provider that aims to bridge Latin America and Asia focusing in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. We believe these both regions have a great potential for cooperation with each other and are complementary in many areas. 

Our cross cultural business understanding,  give us a superior advantage to leverage our clients´ local success to new markets. 

The team has the know how, the experience and the means to accelerate our clients’ process to conquer the desire target marget.

Cross cultural adaptation, language support and cultural support and all other needs pertaining to the development of the business activity.

Our people is the most valuable asset in our organization. A highly motivated team, with deep understanding of the Asian and Latin-American market is what make us stand out. We admire and respect every effort from each and everyone of our team. Professionalism, creativity and a great customer services are the main values of Xpand Latam



Provide supreme quality services for the benefit of all business parties working with us by applying our deep knowledge and understanding of Latin America and Asian markets.

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To inspire organizations to explore their opportunities in new markets.

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Team work